Oil in Timor-Leste – A Kick-Start or a Kick-Back?

There is so much said about the adverse effects of extractive industries on social, economic, and political development in fragile states. However, in Timor-Leste, the truly ominous signs of the “oil curse” have not befallen the country. As Bob Brown, the leader of Australian Greens Party, famously stated in 2003, “It’s the one resource that can give East Timor the kick-start it needs.”

Deadly Clan Violence Shocks Remote Community in Indonesia

In a remote corner of the sprawling Indonesian archipelago, a community is tearing itself apart. On the night of February 11, residents from Pelauw village on Haruku Island in the eastern province of Maluku, turned on their neighbors, hurling homemade bombs and setting hundreds of houses on fire…

India’s Economy: The Other Half

2011 was the centenary year of International Women’s Day, and much attention was paid to their rising role in the global political and economic landscape. Many expect that in Asia’s current economic growth, women’s economic involvement will rise with it – a fact true for some but quite untrue for others.

PBS NewsHour Reports on Southern Thailand Tensions

February 22, 2012 — A broadcast on PBS NewsHour reports on tensions in Southern Thailand between Muslims and Buddhists. The Asia Foundation contributed to this feature. Read The Asia Foundation’s Democracy and Conflict in Southern Thailand, a survey on...