The Power of a Book in Sri Lanka

As Sri Lanka emerges from a decades-long civil war, employment opportunities are rapidly shifting from the public to the private and technology sectors, where speaking English is required. But, for many Sri Lankans living in impoverished outskirts or the war-torn North, English-language books are a luxury and remain out of reach.

Encountering Asia’s Empowered Women

The most lasting impression of my first trip to South Asia is the empowered women I met at every turn. Asia’s economic future depends less on finding a new technology or development strategy and more on expanding opportunities for women.

After the Arab Spring: Prospects for Change

On March 30, Asia Foundation trustee and Stimson Center president Ellen Laipson will join veteran journalist Robin Wright in a discussion moderated by new Asia Foundation EVP, Suzanne Siskel, on “After the Arab Spring: Prospects for Change.” The panel is...

Atlantic Council Cites 2011 Afghan Survey

March 28, 2012 — An article on the Atlantic Council’s website focuses on transition in Afghanistan. According to The Asia Foundations’ Afghanistan in 2011: A Survey of the Afghan People, 45% of Afghans believe their country is moving in the right...