Asia Foundation at Google’s Big Tent on Open Data, Disasters

On July 2 in Sendai, Japan, nearly a year and a half after the tragic earthquake and tsunami devastated the region, The Asia Foundation will participate with Google on a conference to examine using open data in disaster relief. As the world is seeing stronger effects of climate change and other factors, floods, rising sea levels, tsunamis, and monsoons threaten the lives of millions, this is a timely moment to call attention to natural disaster management across both developed and developing countries.

A Check on Indonesia’s Graft-Ridden Procurement Games

Tracing the complicated web of procurement scandals in the Indonesian media over the past few months, it has been hard to remain upbeat about the country’s fight against corruption. But among the gloomy headlines, The Asia Foundation was glad to find a glimmer of hope in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Sustainable Development Priorities in Afghanistan

On July 8 in Tokyo, the governments of Japan and Afghanistan host a ministerial to set out sustainable development priorities for Afghanistan through 2014 and the “transformation decade” (2015-2024). The Asia Foundation co-hosts 30 representatives of...