2012 LankaCorps Fellows

LankaCorps 2012

The 2012 LankaCorps Fellows, left to right: Sabina Martyn (Canada), Seshma Kumararatne (USA), Sahani Chandraratna (USA), Sivashankar Krishnakumar (USA), Ann Selvadurai (USA).

November 28, 2012 — LankaCorps is a unique opportunity for young leaders of Sri Lankan heritage to professionally engage in social, cultural, and economic development activities in Sri Lanka. The program aims to foster the involvement and understanding of young members of the expatriate Sri Lankan community who have limited in-depth experience with the country of their heritage. Each year, The Asia Foundation selects an outstanding group of LankaCorps Fellows to live and work for six months in Sri Lanka, granting them the unique chance to “explore their roots while giving back.”

The inaugural class of LankaCorps Fellows and their July – December 2012 placements:

Ms. Sahani Chandraratna, MAS Holdings
Ms. Chandraratna was based in the Ratmalana office working on the Women Go Beyond Initiative, and in various projects carried out by the host organization under the Social Sustainability Initiative.

Mr. Sivashankar Krishnakumar, Foundation of Goodness
Mr. Krishnakumar was involved with the Northern Development Initiative, the Murali Cup, the Seenigama project in the South and with projects at the Foundation for Goodness head office in Colombo.

Ms. Seshma Kumararatne, Lakshman Kadirgamar Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies
Ms. Kumararatne was based in Colombo, working as a research analyst on various research projects, policy papers, and conferences regarding Sri Lanka’s foreign relations and engagement with the diaspora.

Ms. Sabina Martyn, National Water Supply and Drainage Board
Ms. Martyn was based in the Ratmalana office, working in the Policy and Planning Department to expand the framework for public-private partnerships in water supply and sewerage projects. She also participated in other projects carried out by the Board.

Ms. Ann Selvadurai, Women In Need
Ms. Selvadurai was based in the head office in Colombo, with regular travel to the North and South, and was involved in various projects carried out by Women in Need, shadowing counselors, visiting hospitals, organizing workshops and awareness programs and undertaking case studies.

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