Lee Hong-koo Examines 2012 Korean Election

Former Korean prime minister and Asia Foundation trustee, Lee Hong-koo, examines issues that loomed large in the  2012 presidential campaign in Korea, including an economy struggling with the global crisis, a young generation adrift with a desire for change, and a...

Woman to Chair Philippine Government Peace Panel

Mindanao dominates the headlines in the Philippines this week for several reasons. There is the horrific aftermath of Typhoon Pablo (known internationally as Bopha), which slammed into an area of the island that typically does not get hit by storms. On a lighter note, but one that also riveted the nation, hometown boxer Manny Pacquiao (from General Santos City in Mindanao) was knocked out this past weekend in a surprise, convincing defeat – leading to speculation about whether his sterling career is on the wane.

Asian Nations Must Look to Neighbors as Partners

When President Obama made his first post-election international trip last month to Southeast Asia, his message was clear: as Asia becomes the driver of global politics in the coming decades, the U.S. is strategically reorienting its presence in the region. But the U.S. is not the only one that recognizes a need for reorientation – Asia itself does too.