Timothy Rub named Margaret F. Williams Memorial Fellow

April 28, 2013 — Mr. Timothy Rub, Director and CEO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, met with representatives of major museums in China, Japan and Korea on his fellowship to discuss cooperation and exchanges with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and plans for the...

Korea Leads Way for Asia’s Green Growth

The conference in the Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation dialogue series convened in Seoul, South Korea, this month, and brought together development experts and senior government officials to discuss climate change mitigation, green growth, and adapting to and building resilience to natural disasters. This dialogue series, co-organized by The Asia Foundation and the Korea Development Institute (KDI), brings together both “emerging” and “traditional” development actors to discuss international development challenges. This year’s focus on effective cooperation for deterring the impacts of climate change was launched in Seoul, fittingly, as South Korea is playing a leading role in low-carbon development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Climate Change Games Crystalize Complexities

People were standing up and sitting down, intense negotiations were underway, funding decisions were being made, and a lot of commotion was coming from a crowd of over 300 policymakers, scientists, and practitioners from over 40 countries. We are gathered in Dhaka, Bangladesh…

A Platform for Asian Emerging Donors

As discussions on the federal budget and sequestration continue here in Washington, D.C., The Asia Foundation’s Washington office sponsored an event

to discuss how various Asian nations are approaching and, in some cases, expanding their development assistance programs.

Dignity in International Relations

Recent vituperative comments by the North Korean regime can normally be dismissed as the ravings of a state that either misinterprets their negative external impact, or as rhetoric that is intended for consumption by a remarkably unsophisticated internal audience.

Author William Dalrymple to Speak on New Book

On May 1, acclaimed travel writer, historian, and journalist William Dalrymple will speak at the Mechanic’s Institute in San Francisco on his newest book, Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan, called by critics: “the definitive analysis of the...