China Shows Progress on Environmental Information Transparency

Following the news on environmental issues here in China can be a grim business. The first months of 2013 alone brought coverage of January’s “airpocalypse,” when air pollution in Beijing reached historic levels; news of thousands of dead pigs floating in the Huangpu River, a primary source of Shanghai’s drinking water; and a new report indicating that China sees 1.2 million premature deaths each year due to outdoor air pollution – almost 40 percent of the world’s total of such deaths. Amid such bleak headlines, it can be easy to miss any kind of progress. However, a report released in late March does show progress on an issue that many experts consider crucial to long-term and sustained improvement of environmental outcomes…

New Asian Approaches to Development Cooperation

In recent years, Asian countries have emerged as game changers in the development assistance arena, challenging traditional notions of aid, reshaping global aid architecture, and placing new challenges on the global development agenda.