The Asia Foundation’s Patrick Barron Participates in Tony Blair Foundation Discussion

Singapore, September 12, 2014 — The Asia Foundation’s Regional Director for Conflict and Development Programming Patrick Barron participated in a closed roundtable discussion on “Religious Extremism in Southeast Asia: Practical Policy Responses.” The discussion, hosted by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, on behalf of his foundation, The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, brought together a small number of prominent thinkers, practitioners and policy makers who have grappled with the intersection between religion and conflict across the region.

Based in Bangkok, Barron has 14 years of experience in programming and research on community development, subnational conflict and state fragility. He led the design of the Indonesian government’s National Violence Monitoring System, the largest dataset of subnational violence globally, and has supported the development of systems in Mindanao and Thailand.

The Asia Foundation has a long history of programs in conflict-affected and fragile regions of Asia, including in Afghanistan, Mindanao (Philippines), Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Aceh (Indonesia), Southern Thailand, and Timor-Leste. The Foundation’s long-term presence and extensive networks with local leaders, government, and organizations, allows us to interact with key actors and support programs in highly challenging and sensitive environments. This ongoing presence, combined with sophisticated analysis and country expertise, enables the Foundation to identify the critical issues, and design innovative, strategic programs that address conflict.

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