Asia Foundation and ODI Host ‘Doing Development Differently’ Event in Manila

Manila, April 20, 2015 — On April 27-28, The Asia Foundation’s Philippines office will host the Doing Development Differently workshop in collaboration with the UK’s Overseas Development Institute (ODI). The event brings together development agencies and practitioners from the Philippines, Asia, Africa, and Europe to share practical lessons and insights, country experiences, and innovative development practices. The Manila event is a follow-up to the first Doing Development Differently workshop held at Harvard University last October. Follow discussions from the two-day Manila event at #DifferentDev.

“Politics is intimately tied to inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction,” said Steven Rood, Country Representative of The Asia Foundation in the Philippines. “The understanding of political dynamics is frequently a missing ingredient in producing development impact, and not the scale of aid funding or the quality of technical programs.” The Manila workshop will explore innovative ways to use this approach in practice, and help development agencies draw insights from examples like the Philippines and apply these lessons in other contexts.

Adapting development: how local reformers revolutionised land rights in the Philippines

Adapting development: how local reformers revolutionised land rights in the Philippines

The Manila Doing Development Differently workshop will focus on a range of practical case studies from across the region, including the Foundation’s work in the Philippines and its approach to working ‘politically smart and locally led’ referred to as Development Entrepreneurship.  An example of this entrepreneurial approach to development is featured in an ODI “Adapting development” documentary on land rights in the Philippines.

Beyond the Philippines, the event will feature participants from Asian countries, including Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam sharing practical experiences in line with the innovative and adaptive themes central to the Doing Development Differently manifesto.

To date, the manifesto on has been signed by over 400 signatories, including leading development thinkers from 60 countries. A portion of the manifesto reads: “Too many development initiatives have limited impact. Schools are built but children do not learn. Clinics are built but sickness persists. Governments adopt reforms but too little changes for their citizens. This is because genuine development progress is complex: solutions are not simple or obvious, those who would benefit most lack power, those who can make a difference are disengaged and political barriers are too often overlooked. Many development initiatives fail to address this complexity, promoting irrelevant interventions that will have little impact.”

Presenters at the Manila workshop include: the Foundation’s Philippines Program Director of Economic Reform and Development Entrepreneurship Jaime Faustino, and development experts from Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, UK Department for International Development, World Bank, Belgian Development Agency, Oxfam, the National Development Planning Ministry of Indonesia, among others.

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