Asia Foundation President David D. Arnold Meets with Afghanistan’s President Ghani and with Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah


Asia Foundation President David D. Arnold speaks with Afghanistan’s President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

Kabul, July 29, 2015 — The Asia Foundation’s President David D. Arnold met with Afghanistan’s President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani late last week to discuss current programs and future strategies of the Foundation at the Presidential Palace in Kabul. They were joined by Asia Foundation Senior Vice President of Programs Gordon Hein, and Country Representative in Afghanistan Abdullah Ahmadzai.

President Ghani said his goal is to make Afghanistan a regional roundabout, and asked leadership of the Foundation to review Afghanistan’s short, medium and long term policies and identify areas it can work with the government. President Ghani also pointed to the Foundation’s annual Survey of the Afghan People which he says plays an instrumental role for policymakers’ decision making process, and asked its leadership to include health and education related topics in its questionnaire for the next poll.

Mr. Arnold and Mr. Hein said that the Foundation is working with Ministry of Foreign Affairs on various regional programs including the “Heart of Asia” Istanbul Process. Mr. Arnold also said that the Foundation intends to assist the Afghan Government in the area of trade cooperation at the regional level.


Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah meets with Mr. Arnold and Mr. Ahmadzai.

In separate meetings, Mr. Arnold and Mr. Ahmadzai also met with Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah to further discuss the Foundation’s work and collaboration in the country.

The CEO emphasized the importance of electoral reforms for Afghanistan’s future considering establishment of the Electoral Reform Commission an important step in towards such reforms. Other matters of mutual interest, including economy, political developments and peace process in Afghanistan were discussed between the President of the Foundation and the CEO, Abdullah Abdullah.

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