Beyond the Toolkit: Supporting Peace Processes in Asia

Event: Thursday, March 3, 2016, Washington, DC

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1779 Massachusetts Ave., NW

Root Room, Second Floor

Washington, DC 20036

In recent years there have been growing calls for new approaches to supporting peace in post-conflict contexts, as current peacebuilding models do not accurately reflect what we know about the nature of conflict, how it ends, and how peace processes are sustained and peace consolidated. To address these issues, The Asia Foundation launched Beyond the Toolkit: Supporting Peace Processes in Asia, the fourth paper in the Working Politically in Practice series. The new paper makes an important contribution to the current debate by providing an initial conceptual framing of the Foundation’s approach to peace support to capture knowledge about how conflicts end and the nature of post-conflict transitions, and outlining key insights on what flexible programming means in practice.

Patrick Barron, George Varughese, and Steven Rood of The Asia Foundation will discuss this new report and use the frameworks to outline how donors and international development agencies have worked in Nepal and the Philippines.

Featuring Asia Foundation experts:

Patrick Barron, Regional Director for Conflict and Development

Steven Rood, Country Representative to the Philippines

George Varughese, Country Representative to Nepal


Thomas Parks, Governance & Fragility Specialist,

Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Australian Embassy Bangkok

Please RSVP to Ms. Rebecca George at [email protected] or call 202-588-9420. Watch live here on March 3.

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