Asia Foundation’s Anthea Mulakala Launches New Book on India’s Approach to Development Cooperation

San Francisco, June 9, 2016 — India is emerging as a key player in the development cooperation arena, yet the country is often overlooked in the literature on South-South cooperation (SSC) with analyses typically focusing on China. In this context, The Asia Foundation’s Director for International Development Cooperation Anthea Mulakala serves as co-editor of a newly released book, India’s Approach to Development Cooperation, together with Sachin Chaturvedi, director general at the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS) in New Delhi. Launch events are scheduled for June 27 in Geneva, June 29 in Brighton, and June 30 in London.

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The volume is unique in addressing this void in development scholarship and provides a comprehensive overview of Indian development coop­eration from diverse voices: Indian academics, government officials, and nongovernmental organization (NGO) leaders, as well as Chinese and Western perspectives. Available for order via Routledge and Amazon, the book is of interest to researchers and policymakers in the field of devel­opment cooperation, international development, foreign policy, and global political economy.

Relying on Mulakala’s 25 years of experience in the changing development and aid landscape, the book traces the evolution of Indian development cooperation and its significance to global development and Indian foreign policy.  “…India’s aid volumes exceeded Australia’s in purchasing power parity terms, and will continue to grow relative to the Indian economy,” said Mulakala in a recent In Asia blog interview. “This acceleration in scope and scale of India’s cooperation, alongside the general expansion of South-South cooperation globally, has leveraged India’s voice in the development policy arena.”

As the growth of traditional aid slows, volumes of SSC are rising dramatically. For more than a decade, The Asia Foundation has established itself as a leader in South-South knowledge exchange and partnerships in critical areas such as central and local governance capacity building, security and justice reform, women’s and minority rights, leadership development, and disaster management.

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