World Politics Review: Where Europeans See Catastrophe in Trump’s Victory, Asians See Chance for Change

November 23, 2016 — World Politics Review features a piece by Asian Views on America’s Role in Asia Chair of American Task Force and Trustee Emeritus of The Asia Foundation Ellen Laipson:

The despair among Europeans stands in contrast to the attitude of some influential Asian policy intellectuals, who see Trump’s victory as an opportunity, even an acceleration of a trend already underway. This past week, the Asia Foundation released its quadrennial report, Asian Views of America’s Role in Asia, with accompanying events in Washington, New York and San Francisco. At the events, the experts chairing the report’s chapters on each of the three subregions of Asia—C. Raja Mohan for South Asia, Yoon Young-Kwan for Northeast Asia, and Thitinan Pongsudhirak for Southeast Asia—tried to explain to American audiences that they are working through the surprise of the election with less emotion and more reasoned analysis than many Americans.

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