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Washington, DC Public Program: The State of Conflict and Violence in Asia

Event: Thursday, October 12, 2017, Washington, DC

Shahidul Alam/Drik Images

9:30 am – 11:00 am

How do conflict and violence affect Asia? What are their roots, and how have they evolved within countries over time? What countries are particularly prone to different forms of conflict and violence?

To attempt to answer these questions, The Asia Foundation is pleased to launch The State of Conflict and Violence in Asia, which contains evidence-based analyses of historical patterns and current trends in conflict and violence in 14 Asian countries, including in some of the most entrenched and complex places in the world. Co-authors Patrick Barron and Sana Jaffrey will discuss the volume’s country reports and five thematic, expert essays—focusing on inter-communal violence, gender-based violence, land and natural resource conflicts, cross-border insurgency and terrorism, and the links between conflict and regime type—and draw out broader findings and implications. Designed for government officials and diplomats, scholars, aid and development professionals, business leaders, international affairs and security analysts, and activists, The Asia Foundation’s forthcoming volume presents a concise overview of the diversity and complexity of conflict and violence in Asia today.

Patrick Barron, Regional Director, Conflict and Development, The Asia Foundation
Sana Jaffrey, Doctoral Candidate, University of Chicago

Moderated by
Ellen Laipson, Professor and Director, International Security Program, George Mason University

To RSVP, please email [email protected] or call 202-588-9420

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