Women in Afghan Society: Key Findings from A Survey of the Afghan People 2017

Event: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, Washington, DC

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Washington, DC

The findings of the 2017 Survey of the Afghan People shed light on the crucial roles women play in Afghan society and provide comparative data on women’s and men’s attitudes towards women’s rights, gender equality, the economy, the national mood, and security issues in Afghanistan. The results of The Asia Foundation’s 13th annual public opinion survey are based on face-to-face interviews with a nationally representative sample of more than 10,000 Afghan citizens across the country’s 34 provinces, and offer a unique opportunity to compare and analyze women’s and men’s perceptions. Join experts from The Asia Foundation and The George W. Bush Institute’s Afghan Women’s Project as they share findings from the 2017 Survey and reflect on the implications of this latest opinion data for women in Afghanistan and the country’s future.

Tabasum Akseer, Survey Director, Afghanistan, The Asia Foundation
Farhat Popal, Manager, Women’s Initiative, George W. Bush Institute
Zach Warren, Survey and Research Advisor, The Asia Foundation

Palwasha L. Kakar, Senior Program Officer, Religion and Inclusive Societies, United States Institute for Peace

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