The Asia Foundation’s Vietnam Country Representative Receives Distinguished Service Award from Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sport & Tourism

Hanoi, December 28, 2017 — Asia Foundation Vietnam Country Representative Dr. Michael DiGregorio today received a distinguished service award presented by Vice Minister Trinh Thi Thuy of the Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sport & Tourism for his contribution to the development of culture in Vietnam. The award recognizes the long-term partnership between The Asia Foundation and the National Library of Vietnam through the Books for Asia program that provides high-quality educational materials to help improve the knowledge of Vietnamese citizens, and to promote the development of various educational fields in Vietnam.

Country Representative Michael DiGregorio receives award.

Since opening its representative office in Hanoi in 2000, The Asia Foundation and the National Library of Vietnam have signed six project agreements, in which the Foundation has been donating English-language textbooks and educational materials to Vietnamese libraries through the National Library of Vietnam. During the last 17 years, the Foundation has donated more than 500,000 books valued about $20 million to Vietnamese libraries in cooperation with the National Library. The program has received positive feedback from recipient institutions and has been evaluated as an effective and practical program for Vietnamese libraries. The donated books are up-to-date, newly published by reputable publishers, rich in content, diverse in subject matter, and meet the demands of Vietnamese libraries.

In addition, the Foundation has worked with the National Library and other local partners to organize a number of innovative events highlighting the joy of reading and the invaluable role that public libraries play in bringing information to people from all walks of life. Foundation staff works with librarians all over the country to produce book exhibitions, reading festivals, children’s art contests, writing contests, and internet festivals. The Foundation has also provided a series of training sessions for public library staff on service provision and connecting with their communities.

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