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Asia Foundation Launches Data Portal

January 10, 2018 — The Asia Foundation today launched its new Data Portal at, a key element of the organization’s commitment to innovative and evidence-based development program. The new portal provides visualizations of the Foundation’s extensive survey collection across Asia and builds on its leadership in data transparency. Data is critical not only to inform public policy decisions, but enables the public to hold governments accountable.

The Asia Foundation actively supports an open and transparent approach to development programming, and is committed to making its data available to outside researchers for further analysis. Through visualizations and analysis, the new portal communicates timely data and trends of interest to policymakers, development practitioners, media, and the public.

Screenshot of a data portal dashboard.

Currently, The Asia Foundation Data Portal includes 24 surveys from 11 countries, and covers a wide range of topics including data on post-earthquake reconstruction in Nepal, the state of community relations in post-conflict communities in Sri Lanka, and public opinion polls conducted in Timor-Leste and Afghanistan. The annual Survey of the Afghan People is Afghanistan’s longest-running nationwide survey of the attitudes and opinions of Afghan adults. Data sets are available to the public.

More than an online repository of surveys, The Asia Foundation Data Portal is a unique platform for downloading data sets, analyzing the data according to specific needs, and visualizing and disseminating timely information in an easy-to-digest format. By providing direct online access to raw data, the portal provides an opportunity to drill down on specific geographic areas or cross-tabulate data.

Over the past two decades, The Asia Foundation has conducted more than 300 high-quality perception surveys. In support of active public discourse across its 18-country network in Asia, the Foundation’s robust collection of surveys strengthens the design and evaluation of its programs and provides an empirical basis for broader policy debate. Topics have included governance and economic issues as well as dedicated surveys focused on perceptions of the police, issues such as conflict and violence against women, corruption, and disaster preparedness.

The Asia Foundation Data Portal will scale up in the coming months, making more data sets and visualizations available at the regional, national, and sub-national levels.

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