Ottawa Public Program: The Asia Foundation’s 2018 Survey of the Afghan People

Event: Tuesday, December 11, 2018, Ottawa

 Faculty of Social Science 4004, 120 University Private, Ottawa

Afghanistan is at an important moment in its history. Despite a persistent insurgency that continues to control and destabilize roughly half of the country, high levels of voter enthusiasm in the recent parliamentary elections demonstrated that the people of Afghanistan remain invested in the future of their democracy. Amid a renewed focus on political reconciliation and the upcoming presidential elections in April, citizens face important choices about Afghanistan’s future stability and prosperity. These and other pressing issues facing Afghanistan are the subject of The Asia Foundation’s 2018 Survey of the Afghan People. Please join The Asia Foundation and the University of Ottawa’s Center for International Policy Studies for a presentation on the key findings, and a panel discussion on the trends and shifts in the views of Afghan citizens from past years. The annual survey is based on face-to-face interviews with a nationally representative sample of more than 15,000 citizens across all 34 Afghan provinces. The results reveal citizens’ views on a wide range of crucial issues, including security, the economy, corruption, justice, youth issues, reconciliation with the Taliban, access to media, the role of women, governance and political participation. This year’s survey also includes new questions related to local security, access to government services, and elections. First commissioned in 2004, the survey provides an unmatched barometer of Afghan public opinion over time and a unique resource for policymakers and the international community, the Afghan government, and the broader public in Afghanistan.

Dr. Tabasum Akseer, Director of Policy & Research in Afghanistan, The Asia Foundation
Dr. Nipa Banerjee, Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the School of International Development and Principal Researcher, Center for International Policy Studies – University of Ottawa
Elyas Irfani, Senior Desk Officer, Global Affairs Canada

Pauline Tweedie, Senior Technical Advisor for Conflict and Development, The Asia Foundation

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