Khmer Times Highlights Crucial Roles of Libraries in Cambodia

November 13, 2019 — The Khmer Times publishes an opinion piece written by Foundation’s senior digital program officer in Cambodia Sorn Nimul Khut on the crucial role of libraries for instilling knowledge and skills in young students.

The young learners of today, are our communities future leaders. The Asia Foundation has remarked, “books give free rein to young people’s imaginations and expose them to information and possibilities that can change the trajectory of their lives.” Cambodia today is not described as a nation of readers and employers complain they can’t find enough competent employees. In fact, this is a problem in many countries. The World Bank reports that up to 50% of private firms in East Asia and the Pacific are concerned about inadequate worker education and skills.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution, marked by the convergence of digital, biological, and physical innovations, is on everyone’s mind in Cambodia these days. The Royal Government of Cambodia through a loan from Asian Development Bank (ADB) is promoting sustainable growth through economic diversification, strengthened competitiveness and increased productivity. Part of the program includes “upskilling and reskilling opportunities for existing workers to address skills gaps and skills shortage in the industrial sector through work-based learning programs”. These are valuable investments to truly prepare our workforce for the Fourth Industrial.

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