Virtual Event – Violent Conflict, Tech Companies, and Social Media in Southeast Asia

Event: Tuesday, December 1, 2020, Washington, DC

Join The Asia Foundation to discuss a new report by the Conflict & Fragility and Technology teams, Violent Conflict, Tech Companies, and Social Media in Southeast Asia. The report presents the mounting evidence that both violent nonstate groups and governments in the region are using social media to promote inflammatory public narratives, whip up discrimination, raise funds, recruit fighters, and organize acts of violence. Drawing on evidence from conflicts in the Philippines and Myanmar, and supported by other examples, this report provides a broad analysis of how violent conflicts in Southeast Asia are shaped or affected by online platforms and social media.


Htaike Htaike Aung
Executive Director, Myanmar ICT for Development Organization

Adam Burke
Director, Conflict and Fragility, The Asia Foundation

Benjamin Lokshin
Assistant Director, Technology Programs, The Asia Foundation


John Brandon
Senior Director, International Relations Program, The Asia Foundation

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