Virtual Event – Advancing Peace on the Barren Soil of Strife

Event: Tuesday, June 15, 2021, San Francisco

While current civil war and extremism is gaining attention globally, many countries around the world are troubled by less intense yet still deeply damaging conflicts that often persist for decades. Local violence across Asia continues to cause death, destruction, and disruption as unstable politics, bloody historical legacies, and entrenched rivalries persist. Recent modern development may have brought new wealth to many but it has added further strains and inequalities. The polarization recently affecting the West has also been felt in much of Asia, as national leaders seek to gain popular acclaim by playing identity politics and online media accentuate divisions.

Yet even in these challenging times, action to prevent and to reduce conflict is possible. This discussion offers insight into the bold and innovative actions of peacebuilders across Asia. Rather than waiting for politics to change, local organizations and individuals have generated innovative ways to support dialogue between warring factions and enable communities to solve differences before violence breaks out. Following an overview by Adam Burke, Preeti Thapa will discuss her experiences of local peacebuilding from Nepal, and Noraida Chio will share her personal reflections on managing conflict in Mindanao, Philippines.

Noraida Chio, Senior Program Officer, Mindanao, Philippines
Preeti Thapa, Deputy Country Representative, Nepal

Moderated by Adam Burke, Director, The Asia Foundation’s Conflict and Fragility Program

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