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Virtual Event – Building Climate Resilience in Asia

Event: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Asia-Pacific is the most disaster-prone region in the world, a status made worse by the increasing impacts of climate change, ranging from increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather events, including heavy rains and cyclones, often resulting in massive floods, landslides, and storm surge; as well as other severe climatic events, such as heatwaves and droughts. This region is home to half of the world’s top 10 countries at the greatest risk from climate change. Indeed, it is estimated that nearly half of the global economic losses from climate-related disasters will occur in this region in the years to come.

Since 1990, The Asia Foundation has worked with local partners to strengthen climate resilience planning and responses to climate challenges. Our goal is to cultivate leadership within local and national governments and civil society, promote climate-resilient infrastructure in the region through knowledge and best practices sharing, build the capacity of vulnerable communities, particularly women, and engage the private sector in disaster risk reduction and management.

On Wednesday, June 15, please join us for a discussion with environmental experts from Indonesia, Laos, and Nepal, who will share how they are helping to build climate resilience in Asia through diversified project activities, and their policy recommendations for more effective environmental and climate governance in the region.


Pradip Khatiwada, Founder and Executive Director, Youth Innovation Lab, Nepal

Fira Tiyasning Tri Utami, Director of Program and Partnership, Sikola Mombine Foundation, Indonesia

Sopavanh Rassapong, Senior Environment Program Officer, The Asia Foundation, Laos

Moderated by:

Kim J. DeRidder, Director of Environment and Climate Action Programs, The Asia Foundation

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