Deepening Ties: Prospects for Trilateral Cooperation between the Republic of Korea, the United States, and Vietnam

Event: Tuesday, June 21, 2022, Washington, DC

Despite differences in political ideology, relations between South Korea, the United States, and Vietnam have deepened and evolved since formal diplomatic relations with Vietnam were established more than a quarter-century ago. Overlapping strategic and economic interests have led the three countries to expand ties across a wide spectrum of issues. While economic cooperation has been the main driver of these deepening relations, security issues, especially nontraditional security issues, are notable avenues for cooperation moving forward. Prospects for trilateral relations between the three countries are likely to expand because of challenges and opportunities brought about by unprecedented global and regional dynamics following the Covid-19 pandemic. In December 2021, the first-ever trilateral dialogue between scholars, policymakers, and government officials (Track 1.5) from South Korea, the United States, and Vietnam was held to discuss the political, security, economic, and trade interests that are central to relations between these three countries. This report is based on the discussion of the 2021 trilateral dialogue.


Dr. Kang Seonju, Professor, Department of Economy, Trade, and Development Studies, Korea National Diplomatic Academy-Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security

Adam Schwarz, CEO, Asia Group Advisors

Dr. Vo Tri Thanh, Former Deputy Director-General, Vietnam Central Institute for Economic Management;


John Brandon, Senior Director, International Relations Programs and Washington, DC Associate Director, The Asia Foundation

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