Conflict in the Indo-Pacific Region: Rising Risks and Local Solutions

Event: Wednesday, May 3, 2023, Washington, DC

With conflict risks on the rise across Asia and the Pacific and geopolitical tensions mounting, the region has witnessed rising authoritarianism and receding democratic norms in recent years. Numerous political leaders have looked to bypass checks and balances on power, while identity-based campaigning has fomented chauvinist violence. Adding to an already difficult situation, the costs and consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and recent inflation have fueled mass frustrations with apparent economic inequalities, while the complicated impacts of online media and the growing effects of climate change further fuel volatility.

Despite these destabilizing trends, data presented in The Asia Foundation’s 2021 State of Conflict and Violence in Asia report shows that fatalities from civil wars and organized violence have declined significantly in recent decades. Given the rapid development of the region, governments have become more capable of ensuring security and stabilizing internal unrest. These gains have largely been achieved domestically, given limited international intervention and a minimal UN peacebuilding presence. At the same time, violence reduction through imposed security comes at a cost. Where underlying tensions simmer, the risk of future conflict remains.

Please join this in-person event hosted by The Asia Foundation, which supports local efforts to improve engagement between governments and citizens, for a discussion of these trends, featuring experts from Pakistan, the Philippines, and respected regional analysts—including specialists from the Foundation’s regional Conflict and Fragility team.

Sidney Jones, Senior Adviser, Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict, Indonesia; Adjunct Associate Professor, New York University
Azeema Cheema, Founding Director, Verso Consulting, Pakistan
Adam Burke, Senior Director, Conflict and Fragility, The Asia Foundation
Kathline Tolosa, Senior Program Officer, Peace and Stability, The Asia Foundation, Philippines

Kim McQuay, Managing Director, Program Specialists Group, The Asia Foundation

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