Amplifying Change: Community-Centered Approaches to Ending Violence Against Women

Event: Wednesday, March 6, 2024, Washington, DC

9:30 – 11:00 am ET

Gender-based violence, specifically, violence against women and girls, and trafficking in persons, are pervasive occurrences that have seen a dramatic uptick in many countries due to conflict, climate change, Covid-19, and other ongoing conflicts and crises. Globally, one in three women experience physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime, mostly by an intimate partner, and 7 in 10 human trafficking victims are women and girls. Gender-based violence is mentally and/or physically devastating for survivors and has significant social and economic costs to survivors and their families. Cultures of violence erode the social and economic well-being and prosperity of communities and countries.

The Asia Foundation is a leader in supporting important community approaches to addressing gender-based violence and trafficking in Asia and the Pacific. This includes Timor-Leste, which has some of the highest rates of violence against women in the world. Data suggests that anywhere between 59% and 67% of women in Timor-Leste have experienced some form of intimate partner violence in their lifetime. Since 2014, The Asia Foundation’s Nabilan program (supported by the Australian Government) has been providing frontline service delivery, social norms change, and research to end violence against women and children in Timor-Leste. Nabilan partners with individuals, communities, activists, and institutions to foster gender equality and positive social norms to prevent violence. Thus far, thousands of clients have received legal, medical, psychosocial, and referral services.

Join The Asia Foundation’s gender experts to hear about programs that are having real impact in addressing gender-based violence and trafficking in Asia and the Pacific, and how approaches and strategies the Nabilan Program uses may be helpful as other countries grapple with violence against women.

Introductory remarks
Emma Lee Wilson, Policy Advisor, International Development, Embassy of Australia, Washington, DC

Anna Bantug-Herrera, Director, Washington, D.C. Office, and Manager for Strategic Partnerships, The Asia Foundation

Héctor Salazar Salame, Country Representative, Timor-Leste, The Asia Foundation
Ankita Panda
, Senior Program Officer, Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality, The Asia Foundation
Xylia Ingham, Nabilan Program Team Leader, The Asia Foundation

Seating is limited. Registration is required for this in-person-only event. 

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