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Program Year: 2024

The lack of instructional leaders is one of the main impediments to Thai education according to analysis in Education Reform: In Thailand Principals Are “Black Box” between National Policymaking and Kids in the Classroom. Principals play a pivotal role between national policymaking and what happens in the classroom, particularly tailoring educational curriculum to meet local contexts and student needs. Principals like these are known as “instructional leaders” and bridge national policies with classroom changes, drive teacher motivation, and position students at the center of the learning process.

With support from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Foundation is working with policymakers, principals, and educators to advance the national conversation on the importance of education reform in Thailand. The one-stop service portal provides guidance and enhances feedback loops from principals and policymakers. It also provides a framework and practical guidance on instructional leadership, podcast materials on schools’ needs and struggles to raise their voices and demands to a higher level, and best practices examples to showcase quality leadership on the ground.

Watch this video to learn more about the Thailand Leadership Portal:

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