Junior Associate, Asia Operations Coordination

Location: San Francisco
Deadline: May 24, 2021

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, Asia plays a crucial global role. Would you be excited at the prospect of employing your knowledge and skills to improve lives, expand opportunities, and help societies flourish across this dynamic region? You could have this opportunity at The Asia Foundation. Informed by six decades of experience and deep local expertise, we address critical issues affecting Asia in the 21st century: governance and law, economic development, women’s empowerment, environment, and international cooperation. We work with innovative leaders and communities to build effective institutions and advance path-breaking reforms. Together with our partners, we are committed to Asia’s continued development as a peaceful, just, and thriving region of the world.

The Asia Foundation’s Asia Operations Coordination (AOC) team seeks a Junior Associate (JA) to work remotely for our San Francisco, CA office during the summer 2021 program period from June 28 to September 17, 2021.

During the 12-week program the JA will:

Scope of work

The JA will be contributing directly to AOC’s three-year strategy and goal (strong management of people, policies, and systems for effective, ethical, and efficient country operations), the Junior Associate will support AOC’s efforts in a variety of ways, as outlined below.

Internal Communications

  • Writing or editing articles for AOC’s Operations “News You Can Use” newsletter (through interviewing the Foundation colleagues; learning about updates to systems, policies and procedures; or researching areas of interest to the primary audiences leadership in countries and SF/DC);
  • Participating in one of a number of internal working groups where AOC has a presence (might include: Internal Communications; Data Responsibility; or Enterprise Risk Management)
  • Support organizers of the 2021 Virtual Country Leadership Meeting (Fall 2021), gathering content for small group work, developing tools on solutions-based working group meeting facilitation, managing the one-stop-shop on the OneTAF Portal (overseeing pre-recorded sessions; uploading documents; sharing logistical updates; assigning breakout rooms); and, helping identify facilitators for individual sessions.

New Leadership Orientation

  • Participate in onboarding and orientation sessions for anticipated new country representatives and deputy country representatives (anticipating at least two positions during the JA period).

TAF2025 Operational Excellence Implementation Planning

  • Working with the COO, CFO, Chief HR Officer, Chief of Project Management Support, Internal Auditor, and AOC Director to develop the implementation plan for a number of discreet projects to be accomplished under the Foundation 2025 Strategic Plan on Operational Excellence.


Internal Communication

  • Two to three articles published in issues of the News You Can Use newsletter.
  • Participate in Task Force/Working Group meetings, as assigned deliverables may be part of this effort
  • Rollout of a new Country Leadership Meeting (CLM) Agenda
  • Develop and support the one-stop-shop CLM portal and manage pre-CLM meeting materials and prerecorded session creation and upload; develop facilitation tools and resources for participants who will lead on solutions-based small group sessions.
  • Support any Snap Calls or Webinars hosted by AOC for the tenure of the role.

New Leadership Orientation

  • Coordinate/schedule meetings for new leadership onboarding with US-based leadership, operational, and program units.

Operational Excellence Implementation Planning

  • Delivery of a comprehensive implementation plan for discreet projects to be accomplished under the Foundation 2025 Strategic Plan on Operational Excellence.

The assignment will allow the JA to gain an understanding of the structure and management of a prominent international development organization, including the role of headquarters-based operating units in support of high-functioning country offices. The JA will contribute to the orientation and training of new country office leadership and support developing the virtual Country Leadership Meeting and the Foundation 2025 Strategy implementation plan, as well as other day-to-day operational matters.

Over the course of his or her employment, the JA will be exposed to as many as 19 country offices; learning how they function on a day-to-day basis and appreciating the balancing act played between accomplishing great and impactful development while ensuring compliance, oversight, and effective management of operations. Moreover, given the unique position held by AOC, the JA will have opportunities to learn about international development trends and norms; have regular interaction with units across headquarters and country offices; and use new technologies to regularly communicate with country offices.

The Junior Associate will play an integral role in all of AOC’s diverse responsibilities and be given the opportunity to lead on one or two discreet activities, thus providing the individual a chance to practice strong leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.

The position for the Douglas K. Bereuter Program for Junior Associates in Asian Affairs is expected to be very competitive. We are seeking talented, high-energy individuals who will benefit from their affiliation with the Foundation and contribute to the organization as well. 


  • Received a post-graduate degree within the past two years (preferably for this particular role: MPA, MPP, MBA, or in Operations). In addition, to be considered, a candidate must have completed and obtained this degree prior to the beginning of the program period. The summer 2021 program period is June 28, 2021 to September 17, 2021.
  • Authorization to legally work in the United States without sponsorship.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Great organizational skills.
  • Great computer skills.

The ideal candidate is someone with knowledge and experience in policy and planning, operations management, and/or business or public administration. This person should be passionate about project management, working collaboratively in a cross-cultural setting (through both virtual and in-person means), and finds satisfaction in creating or improving systems. A strong desire or previous experience working with or in Asia is preferable.

Why work for The Asia Foundation?

You will have the opportunity to help solve some of the toughest challenges in the development/aid sector. Address environmental problems in the region, improve access to legal information, enhance civil society, promote government engagement/collaboration, and encourage learning and awareness. You will work in an innovative environment and build lasting relationships. The Asia Foundation, its donors, and its partners are unmatched throughout the region. This is an opportunity to work with and learn from some of the most accomplished leaders, influencers, and social entrepreneurs working in Asia today.

The application period for his position is now closed.


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