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The Future of Work in Asia-Pacific

Future skills for a changing region
Asia and the Pacific’s future jobs will look vastly different. Automation, artificial intelligence, and other Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies are changing the future of work. With deep roots in local communities, we can reach traditionally underserved groups and ensure that all people have access to the future skills they need to succeed. In addition to a future-ready workforce, rapid economic and industrial transition across Asia-Pacific calls for responsive government policy to align systems with what is most urgently needed. Our strong local networks and proven experience with civil society and governments position us to support these efforts.

Enhanced capacity to deliver skills training that fits the market

Our future skills initiatives range from supporting STEM education, providing access to digital and financial literacy, and upskilling micro, small, and medium enterprises, to needs assessments, policy recommendations, and more.

Future Skills Alliance

Economic recovery in Asia post-Covid-19 will require businesses, governments, and nonprofits to collaborate to future-proof and re-skill people for new opportunities in the digital economy. We have activated the Future Skills Alliance, a broad coalition of partners from the public and private sectors working together to deliver future skills at scale to the region’s most marginalized. By investing unique assets in a collective impact model, all partners contribute to driving impact at a regional scale.

The latest highlights from Future of Work


April 19, 2024