Consultant, Women’s Business Center and Incubator Project, Mongolia

Amarzaya Naran is a consultant for The Asia Foundation’s Women’s Business Center and Incubator Project in Mongolia, funded by the Korean government. She works to develop an enabling environment for women’s entrepreneurship by supporting women-led small and medium businesses and addressing key constraints facing women entrepreneurs. Previously, she served as the Women’s Business Center project manager, and the Governance program deputy manager. Prior to these capacities, she also helped manage the Australian government-funded Transparency in Mongolia project and Urban Services Project. In past positions, Amarzaya worked on service delivery and governance reforms, managed programs and grants in governance and law, as well as supporting The Asia Foundation’s regional cooperation activities.

In cooperation with Stanford University’s Center for Deliberative Democracy and the Ulaanbaatar municipality, she facilitated the organization of the Mongolia’s first deliberative poll in 2015. Previously, as The Asia Foundation in Mongolia’s Head of External Communications, Amarzaya led outreach and public awareness efforts under the Mongolia Anti-Corruption Support Project and managed a nationwide anti-human trafficking campaign under the Combating Trafficking in Persons Project supported by the US Department of State to monitor and combat trafficking in persons.

Education: Amarzaya Naran received a bachelor’s degree from the Press Institute’s School of Journalism, and a master’s degree in Government from Johns Hopkins University.