2019-2020 Luce Scholar

Anthony Diep Rosas received a full-tuition Posse Scholarship to attend Kalamazoo College in Michigan. He expects to graduate in June 2019 with a major in biology and a concentration in community and global health. Anthony’s interest in equitable health policy is rooted in his love for his hometown Compton, an underserved community in Los Angeles County, and in his growing understanding how systemic issues contributed to local health disparities. During the summers of 2017 and 2018, Anthony served as an undergraduate fellow and subsequently as a program coordinator for the Harbor-UCLA Summer Urban Health Fellowship Program, where he co-led community-based participatory research in the Watts neighborhood. He visited legislators across Southern California along with Watts’s residents and members of the community-based Physicians for Social Responsibility, presenting findings on water contamination and advocating for clean, affordable water in underserved communities under Senate Bill 623. In Kalamazoo, Anthony served as a research fellow for two community-based organizations: Eliminating Racism and Claiming/Celebrating Equity (offering anti-racism workshops) and Cradle Kalamazoo (reducing Black infant mortality). Anthony worked to achieve a consensus in implementing anti-racist, cultural humility trainings for all stakeholders involved in child and maternal health by sharing data he and fellow students from his public health course had analyzed. The data illuminated issues of systemic racism in the local healthcare system that was negatively affecting health outcomes of Black mothers and their babies. As a Gilman Scholar, Anthony studied Costa Rica’s socialized healthcare system and learned about activism at la Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and la Hospital Clinica Biblica in San José. During his free time, Anthony appreciates the raw poetry of Tupac Shakur and socio-political lyricism of Conscious Hip Hop. He also enjoys writing poetry, playing soccer, and performing Chinese Lion Dance.