Former Project Manager, Waste and Climate Change Project, Mongolia

Ariunaa Norovsambuu joined the Foundation in 2012 as a program coordinator for the Urban Services Project to lead a new initiative focused on promoting better public service provision to the ger district areas of Ulaanbaatar. She actively engaged in the Foundation’s urban service delivery and urban governance projects designed to improve the livelihood of ger district residents.

She conducted community-mapping pilots in the ger districts to gather demography, service, and local development fund-related information to enable more constructive dialogue between the government and local communities and to promote better use and analysis of the community-mapping data for evidence-based decision-making. She also supported the development and implementation of a local-level solid waste management model in pilot communities and has successfully co-developed amendments to the citywide regulation on solid waste management. She was also actively engaged in urban green growth efforts and worked with the government and environmental experts to develop the Ulaanbaatar Green Development Strategic Action Plan successfully approved by the City Parliament.

She worked on environment project initiatives focused on waste, climate change and urban resource management issues implemented in partnership with UN agencies such as the United Nations Environment Program, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Ulaanbaatar City Municipality, civil society, businesses and the local community.

Education: Ariunaa Norovsambuu received a bachelor’s degree in International Relations in Moscow and a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy from the Central European University in Budapest.