Program Officer, China

Chen Tingting currently serves as program officer for Women’s Empowerment, responsible for managing all programs related to the empowerment of women and disadvantaged groups, including migrant women, and women and children affected by domestic violence. Tingting oversees a range of projects including initiatives that engage multiple stakeholders to address domestic violence and provide victim-centered assistance to survivors. She also coordinates programs aimed at strengthening institutional responses to child abuse by parents and other caregivers, workplace efforts to address sexual harassment, and support to migrant women entrepreneurs.

Tingting joined the Foundation in 2010 and contributed to disaster management and charitable sector development programs. Her previous experience includes various assignments with the former UNIFEM East & Southeast Asia Regional Office in Bangkok as well as the Association of Women for Action and Research in Singapore.

Education: Tingting holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Communications from Nanjing University, and a master’s degree in Gender Studies from Lund University in Sweden. Additionally, she studied Multicultural Journalism at Taiwan University, and Southeast Asian Studies and Theatre Studies at the National University of Singapore.

Phone: +86 (10) 6518-3868