Deputy Director of Programs, Pakistan

Farid Alam assumed the position of Deputy Director of Programs in February 2014. He has 14 years’ experience designing and managing multi-sectoral programs, including CSO capacity-building, participatory methodologies and networking, results-based planning, monitoring, and evaluation, stakeholder outreach, public communications, and fund management. Farid has worked with multicultural teams in national and international organizations, including World Vision, Handicap International, ActionAid, Concern Worldwide, and Save the Children.

Farid developed a position paper, “Partnership with national CSOs,” as well as a partnership development framework for Save the Children. He headed a World Vision integrated program focused on livelihoods, education, disaster risk reduction, and maternal and child health. In addition, Farid provided strategic leadership to country level programs for Handicap International, ActionAid, and Concern Worldwide.

Farid understands politics, public sector, and civil society dynamics, and is well-regarded in the public and NGO sectors in Pakistan. Farid is the author of “Creating a Fair World Order: Human Development Approach to Poverty Reduction in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) formerly known as North West Frontier Province (NWFP).” The paper was nominated as paper of the month by Civitatis International, London, UK during 2004.

Education: Farid Alam has a master’s degree in Agriculture with a specialization in Agronomy from KPK Agricultural University Peshawar, Pakistan. He also holds a postgraduate degree in Social Development Planning and Management from University of Wales. He was a NUFFIC fellow for Project Cycle Management at MDF Training and Consultancy in the Netherlands.