Former Director, Asian American Exchange Programs

Gerald P. Martin left the Foundation in 2018.

Gerald P. Martin was formerly director of Asian American Exchange Programs at The Asia Foundation. Martin previously served as assistant director and later as associate director after he joined in 2001. As director, he was responsible for administration and design of the Foundation’s highly tailored fellowships and observation study tours as well as overall management of program operations. In an earlier engagement with the Foundation, Martin was regional manager for the Partners for International Education (PIET) Project, which administered USAID-sponsored training programs in the U.S. for about 350 Asian participants each year.

In other capacities, he has served as director of the International House of Rhode Island; West Coast regional manager for the Experiment in International Living; and International admissions officer for the University of San Francisco. From 1994 to 1999, as regional coordinator in Central and Eastern Europe for World Learning, he coordinated a network of offices providing support services for USAID-sponsored short-term training in the U.S. or Europe. Martin is a member of NAFSA – Association for International Education.

Education: Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania; master’s degree in History from Brown University.