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 2022 Asia Foundation Development Fellow 


Engineer and STEM Educator, Nepal



Irina Sthapit is an engineer, educator, and innovator who loves working with tools and building creative solutions. She is passionate about empowering girls in STEM fields and actively works towards bridging the gender gap through her work with organizations like Nepali Women in Computing and her Instagram page @girlytoolz. Irina represented Nepal in the International Visitors Leadership Program Hidden No More: Empowering Women Leaders in STEM and represented Nepal in the 5th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries. She is the co-founder of a social enterprise that empowers the elderly to live healthy and happy lives by providing a platform to showcase their skills and knowledge. Irina graduated from Stanford University’s Learning, Design, and Technology program and has worked at organizations like Microsoft, Stanford University,, Create & Learn in the United States, and Karkhana in Nepal.