Former Regional Director, Conflict and Development

Patrick Barron left the Foundation in 2018.

Patrick Barron has 14 years of experience in programming and research on community development, subnational conflict and state fragility. He has lived for more than a decade in Asia.

After working for local NGOs in Cambodia and China, he joined the World Bank where he ran the Bank’s conflict and peacebuilding programs in Indonesia. This involved: high level policy work on development and security issues; managing multimillion dollar peacebuilding programs; and leading a large research and analytical program on conflict issues. From 2005-2009, he led the Bank’s support to the Aceh peace process. During his tenure at the World Bank, he also worked across the region with a particular focus on Southern Thailand, Burma/Myanmar, the Philippines, and Afghanistan. He helped design and supported the implementation of Indonesia’s National Community Empowerment Program, the world’s largest community-driven development program, and managed the BRA-KDP spin-off in Aceh which channeled USD 25 million to conflict victims. He led the design of the Indonesian government’s National Violence Monitoring System, the largest dataset of subnational violence globally, and has supported the development of systems in Mindanao and Thailand.

Trained as a political scientist, Barron has published widely on conflict, governance and local development issues, including articles in World Development, the Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of East Asian Studies and the St. Antony’s International Reviews, as well as numerous book chapters and policy papers and three monographs. His book on local conflict trajectories and development was published by Yale University Press and awarded International Development Book of the Year by the American Sociology Association. He has taught at the University of Edinburgh and at Glasgow University and given lectures at universities across Asia, Europe and the United States.

Barron has advised a range of organizations on their conflict and statebuilding programs including Australia’s Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade, for whom he wrote their global fragility strategy, the World Bank and UNDP. He has been a senior advisor to a range of flagship studies including the 2011 World Development Report on Conflict, Security and Development and The Asia Foundation’s Contested Corners of Asia study.

Education: Patrick Barron has master’s degrees from the University of Edinburgh and Harvard University and a doctorate from the University of Oxford.