Former Digital Program Officer, Cambodia

Piseth Nhem formerly served as digital program officer for The Asia Foundation in Cambodia. His role is to support the digital unit. Piseth supported the Go Digital ASEAN program that aims to equip micro, small and medium businesses in Cambodia with digital skills to go online; TEK4Good, an initiative of The Asia Foundation to provide an enabling environment for Cambodian tech startups; and the Women in TEK Network, strengthening women-led startups and enabling them to become part of the tech ecosystem in Cambodia. Piseth also provided digital, technical, and media support to other programs of the Foundation.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Piseth gained experience in digital marketing working in the private sector with an international company on the digital customer buying journey and digital branding campaigns. Piseth was also a TV show producer and director for an NGO that aimed to equip young Cambodians with skills and knowledge about employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Piseth undertook a similar role as a director at a media production company where he honed his skills as a storytelling professional.

Education: Piseth Nhem holds a bachelor’s degree in Media Management from the Department of Media and Communication, Royal University of Phnom Penh