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2023 Asia Foundation Development Fellow

Shaleh Al Ghifari is a public interest lawyer based in Jakarta, Indonesia, focusing on providing access to justice for vulnerable and marginalized communities. Ghifari joined the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute in 2016, where much of his work focused on civil rights and criminal defense against malicious accusations, torture practices, juvenile offenders, and other fair trial rights. Ghifari is interested in developing strategic litigation and research-based advocacy initiatives to advance human rights protection in governance and law, particularly in constitutional criminal procedure and public interest litigation. Ghifari had also led projects and activities related to community-building and resilience, legal empowerment, and the monitoring of civic and democratic processes in Indonesia. Throughout his career, Ghifari has contributed to building a strong and active network of civil society networks, alliances, and labor unions in the effort to oversee the protection of human rights in Indonesia.