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Senior Program Officer, Malaysia

Sharifah Shahirah Idid is a senior program officer for The Asia Foundation in Malaysia. She manages programs related to technology, women’s empowerment, economic development, and the Books for Asia program. She provides overall management and strategic direction for projects implemented by the Malaysia office. In 2019, she oversaw the Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) program Empowering Southeast Asian Educators, administered by The Asia Foundation. Aside from managing programs, she also moderates a series of webinars and podcasts to further support women to start a career in tech through the Rebound program. Prior to joining The Asia Foundation, she was with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees involved in a project to identify and reduce statelessness in Malaysia. 

Education: Sharifah holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, and a master’s degree in Management from Loughborough University, United Kingdom.