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 2023 Asia Foundation Development Fellow 



Shazia Usman is a writer, storyteller, feminist, and communications professional leading strategic, gender-equality-focused communications that amplify the voices and choices of women, girls and non-binary people in Fiji and the Pacific. She is currently a communications and media specialist for UN Women’s Fiji Multi-Country Offices’ Ending Violence Against Women’s Girls program. Previously, she has led long-term communications for change initiatives and ending violence against women and girls for the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement and the regional Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development program and has worked as an independent consultant with the Women’s Fund Fiji, Plan International Australia, International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) and others.

Usman is also a self-published author who was nominated as one of IWDA’s “Six must-read women writers from Asia and the Pacific.” A gold-medal recipient for her outstanding scholarship at the University of the South Pacific, she has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a master’s degree in Pacific Media Studies. Read more about Shazia Usman’s work.