Former Secretary-General, ASEAN

Former Thai Minister of Foreign Affairs
Former Member of the Thai Legislature

In Memoriam

Dr. Surin Pitsuwan rotated off of The Asia Foundation Board of Trustees in 2013, having joined the board in 2003. He was elected Secretary-General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in January, 2008, and served until 2012. He became a member of Parliament of Thailand in 1986, and served in the same constituency for seven consecutive terms. During this period, he was appointed as secretary to the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Subsequent appointments were as assistant secretary to the Minister of Interior in 1988 and as Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister from 1992-1995. He was appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1992-2001 and elected as a party List MP of the Democrat Party in 2001. A graduate in Political Science from Claremont Men’s College in California, Dr. Surin held a doctoral degree from Harvard University.