Former Associate Director, Economic Development

Syed Al-Muti left the Foundation in 2019.

Syed A. Al-Muti formerly served as associate director of the Foundation’s Economic Development program. Prior to assuming this position in 2014, Syed Al-Muti served as director of the Economic Program in the Foundation’s Bangladesh office, in which capacity he also served as team leader of two separate economic governance projects supported by DFID and the World Bank Group (International Finance Corporation). From 2012-2015, Al-Muti led the design and implementation of a political economy approach to business policy reform program in Bangladesh, supported by the Asia Foundation-Australian Aid partnership.

Syed Al-Muti has substantial experience in the design of economic development projects in the region, particularly in the areas of inclusive growth, business-enabling environments, and women’s entrepreneurship development. In recent years, Al-Muti has conceptualized research initiatives in green industrial policy, greening potential of RMG industry, and financial inclusion of women entrepreneurs. He has also led the design and implementation of regional economic cooperation projects in South and Southeast Asia, including support to analysis of non-tariff barriers and public-private dialogues on sub-regional trade integration.

Al-Muti has experience in diverse areas of development with strong project design and management skills. Al-Muti brings more than 30 years of relevant experience with UK Aid, USAID, Australian Aid, and The Asia Foundation, with experience spanning multiple countries. Prior to joining the Foundation, Al-Muti worked with the Australian government’s aid program in Canberra as a Senior Policy Officer, and with USAID Bangladesh office as Project Manager for a policy reform and capacity building project.

Education: Syed Al-Muti holds a master’s degree in Social Welfare Administration and Planning from the University of Queensland, Australia, a master’s degree in Commerce from the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh, and an M.B.A. in Finance from The Institute of Business Administration in Dhaka, Bangladesh.