Deputy Program Manager, Women’s Economic Empowerment Program, Mongolia

Tsolmontuya joined The Asia Foundation Mongolia in 2020. She is responsible for the effective implementation of work supporting women’s economic empowerment. She co-leads a number of projects including the Women’s Economic Empowerment project funded by Global Affairs Canada which is enabling women’s leadership and equal economic participation in Mongolia; initiatives to increase the resilience of women entrepreneurs to challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic; and gender equality initiatives tackling domestic violence.

Prior to joining the Foundation, she worked in the microfinance development sector in Mongolia for eight years in advancing consumers’ financial literacy and access to finance with the Sustainable Livelihood II Project funded by the World Bank.

Tsolmontuya contributes to changes in the enabling environment for women to participate fully in Mongolia’s economy by supporting initiatives targeting a range of women’s organizations, multi-stakeholders, women entrepreneurs with holistic approaches of actions.

Education: Tsolmontuya received a master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa with advanced graduate credentials in Women’s Studies. She has bachelor’s degrees from Raffles International College and Institute of Finance and Economics Mongolia.