Associate Professor, Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University

Director, Center for China’s Statecraft and Public Diplomacy;
Deputy Director, Center for Sino-U.S. Relations, Tsinghua University
Future of Asia Chair, Asian Views on America's Role in Asia

Zhao Kejin is associate professor at the Institute of International Studies and director of the Center for China’s Statecraft and Public Diplomacy at Tsinghua University, Peoples Republic of China. He received his doctoral degree in International Relations from Fudan University, PRC. In July 2005 he joined the Center for American Studies at Fudan University, and in 2009 he moved to Beijing to become a teacher and researcher at Tsinghua. He is now a senior fellow of The Charhar Institute, a think tank specializing in diplomacy and international relations, and he is a standing member of the National Association of International Politics in China. His research is mainly focused on public diplomacy, Sino-U.S. relations, and China’s foreign policy in general. He has published more than 100 papers in academic journals, and published books on topics such as public diplomacy, political marketing, and China’s diplomacy.