Improving services, resources, and economic opportunities for women and the poor. Helping civil society organizations and local government actors to become increasingly effective in producing policies and budgets in ways that benefit the poor and are gender responsive.

Project Year: 2011
Local Partners:

Aisyiyah East Java chapter (PWA Jatim); Bina Swagiri Foundation (Fitra East Java); Center for Regional Studies and Information in Pekalongan (Pattiro Pekalongan); Center for Social, Cultural, and Economic Studies (PKSBE); Civil Society Alliance for Democracy (YAPPIKA); Center for the Study of Islam and Society at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (PPIM UIN); Community and Economic Development Study Foundation (YLP2EM); Gorontalo Development Analysis Institute (LP2G); Humanity Study Institute (LenSA); Institute for Innovation and Participatory Development (INISIATIF); Jawa Pos Institute of Pro-autonomy (JPIP); Ma'arif Institute for Culture and Humanity; Metro TV; National Board of the Institute for the Study of Human Resource Development at Nadhlatul Ulama (PP Lakpesdam NU); Pattiro Semarang; Pillar of the Archipelago (Pinus); Sanggar Bandung; Labda Yogyakarta