A Grassroots Level Toolkit for Promoting Psychosocially Sensitive Group Dialogue Among Older Populations


This toolkit is a set of guidelines that can be used to engage people in storytelling in a psychosocially sensitive manner. It was designed by The Asia Foundation for its Promoting Shared Values, Shared Spaces and Building Local Capacities for Dispute Resolution program, the goal of which is to empower and engage marginalized populations, young people, elders, and war affected communities in the North, East and South of Sri Lanka in transitional justice and reconciliation initiatives. An objective of the project is to promote shared spaces for dialogue among war affected communities through the use of psychosocially sensitive methods of group dialogue as well as other foci. This practitioners’ toolkit is part of a larger set of tools to be used by practitioners and organizations engaged in transitional justice work. It serves as a set of guidelines of how to engage people in storytelling and memorialization, through the use of group meetings with elder Sri Lankans, in a psychosocially sensitive manner.

Posted February 23, 2018
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Related topics: Psychosocial support, Social Inclusion