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Today, over 1 billion people living in the Asia Pacific can access critical information and communication technologies that just a decade earlier were largely out of reach. By 2020, a billion more people globally, many of whom are living in emerging Asia, will  access  the  Internet  for  the  first  time.  Underemployed,  below  the poverty  line,  and  living  with  only  the  most  basic  education,  these  newly minted  “netizens”  will  undoubtedly  benefit  from  a  new  level  of  access  to information technology. More and more people will solve real problems using eGovernment apps, voter information tools, open education platforms, online business services, and public safety databases. As these changes accelerate, The Asia Foundation is working in new ways to improve the lives of millions of people across the region. Learn more about how we are using technology and innovation to combat old challenges, and to consider how you can support this work during a time of accelerating opportunity and change.

Posted February 29, 2016
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Mobilizing Changemakers for our Sustainable Future