Aid to Subnational Conflict and Post-Conflict Areas


Aid to Subnational Conflict and Post-Conflict Areas: Balancing Development, Governance, and Security

Subnational conflict is a widespread problem in Asia, affecting nearly two-thirds of the countries in South and Southeast Asia. While most of Asia is rapidly developing, subnational conflict areas typically lag behind in key development indicators. Many of these regions have been afflicted by conflict for decades, leading to protracted cycles of under-development, poor governance and instability. These conditions create an environment that stifles local economic growth, prevents integration into the national and regional economies, and leads to deteriorating social services. The project team will focus on four cases of subnational conflicts and post-conflict in Asia: Mindanao and Sulu (Philippines), Southern Thailand, Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka, and Aceh (Indonesia).

Posted April 6, 2012
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