Engaging with the Global: Prospects for the 1997 UN Watercourse Convention being adopted in the Ganga region


By Shawahiq Siddiqui

(Transboundary Water Governance Issue Brief)
Tanzi and Milano (2013) in their illustrious paper on Dispute Settlement mechanism under the 1997 UN Watercourse Convention (UNWC) have concluded that “with China, Turkey and India involved in a number of major water disputes, there is little chance that any of these countries will join the UNWC in the near future.” While evaluating the prospects of UNWC in China and Turkey is beyond the scope of this paper, this paper argues that there is a recognition by the Ganga riparian countries in the bilateral treaties concluded between them in 1996 that water scarcity and conflicts over it are a serious threat to the regional stability and peace and there is thus a need to enhance regional cooperation on trans-boundary water resource management.

Posted October 29, 2013
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