Impact of Domestic Violence on the Workplace in China


By Li Wenfen and Chen Tingting

In 2016, after 20 years of advocacy, China passed the Anti-Domestic Violence Law. Employers were identified as key stakeholders in addressing domestic violence (DV) in China’s Anti-DV Law. However, there is limited data on how DV affects the workplace in China or how employers understand their responsibilities. To fill this gap, The Asia Foundation and SynTao initiated a one-year research project in 2016, which surveyed 706 employees and 93 employers and conducted in-depth, structured interviews with eight DV survivors and seven employers in diverse industries. This study is intended to fulfill two purposes: (1) To establish a baseline of knowledge on the understandings, experiences, and effects of DV in the workplace among employees and employers; and (2) To inform and improve employer responses to DV, as required by the DV Law.

Posted November 30, 2017
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